• XRP Ledger v 1.5.0 & 1.6.0-beta

  • Last week, packages for XRP Ledger (rippled) version 1.5.0 were made available. rippled version 1.5.0 introduced several improvements and new features to the XRP Ledger, including support for gRPC API, API versioning, UNL propagation via the peer network, new RPC methods (validator_info and manifest), augmented submit method, improved tx method, improved CLI parsing, improved protocol-level handshaking protocol, improved package building and various other minor bug fixes and improvements.

    This week, rippled version 1.6.0-b1, the first beta of the 1.6.0 release, were made available. The XRP Ledger Devnet, which is hosted by the Xpring team at Ripple, has been upgraded, giving developers early access to the latest unstable beta version of rippled.

    Next week, on Wednesday, 2020-04-15, rippled version 1.5.0 will be deployed on the XRP Ledger Testnet, which is also hosted by the Xpring team at Ripple, to give developers an environment for testing their applications with faux XRP that mirrors the latest stable version running on XRP Ledger Mainnet.

    Lastly, on Wednesday, 2020-04-15, Xpring team will be updating its own XRP Ledger Mainnet rippled servers, including clusters and validators, to version 1.5.0. At this time, Xpring also plans to starting voting in favor of the following Amendments, which are proposed fixes to the rippled protocol:

    We encourage rippled server operators to review the proposed upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0, learn more about the Amendments above, and upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0 by Wednesday 2020-04-29 in order to ensure service continuity.

    This release further demonstrates Xpring's continued commitment to developing open protocols, such as the XRP Ledger.

    Help us build a better financial world on Xpring.

    P.S. We're always hiring (remote too).
    Warren Paul Anderson

    Warren Paul Anderson